Congress Awards

IOA Research Award

The IOA Research Award is presented at every IOA Congress for the most outstanding research paper and presentation given by an orthoptist. The objective of this award is to promote the science of orthoptics internationally by furthering the study of orthoptics and its associated disciplines. The winner of the award must be an orthoptist who is a Full, Associate or Individual member of the IOA and who is the presenter as well as the principal investigator of the research undertaken and presented. Papers to be considered for the award are selected by the Congress Scientific Programme Committee (CSPC) from among full papers submitted for presentation at each IOA congress. Papers are judged not only on their scientific content but also on their presentation at the congress. The panel of judges is comprised of the CSPC and the IOA Scientific Committee. In the event that on presentation none of the selected papers is considered to be of an appropriate standard, no award will be made. A certificate of merit is presented to the Awardee prior to the closing of the congress and the Awardees congress registration fee is waived in recognition of his/her achievement.

Apply: candidates wishing to be considered will apply online via the registration process.

Application date: Deadline for applications of full papers is Wednesday, May 18, 2020


IOA Early Career Clinician-Scientist Research Award

The IOA Early Career Clinician-Scientist Research Award was instituted in 2015 to recognize recent orthoptic graduate researchers who are engaged in basic clinical research and are committed to careers as orthoptic clinician-scientists.

The Awards are presented every four (4) years in recognition of significant research work by a new researcher at the IOA Congress or other suitable event.

Purpose: to recognize individuals for conducting outstanding research early in their careers. The IOA recognizes that this award will contribute to the growth of the career of the awardee.

Eligibility: Must have completed training or have shown other evidence of research career starting < 6 years prior to IOA Congress (i.e. research conducted within 5 years of doctoral and post-doctoral work, completed master’s training or completed orthoptic training). Must be an IOA member.

Apply: candidates wishing to be considered will apply online via the registration process.

A research statement: The research statement should be 1,000 words maximum. Citations and references are allowed but not required. In-text citations do count towards the maximum word limit. Reference lists on a separate pate will not count towards the word limit. This may be submitted as either a Word document or a PDF. APA format should be used and this statement should include:
a. Information on past research experience, including a section that highlights at least one project that has been completed recently (within 12 months preceding the date of application). Do not include figures or tables.
b. Information about current research and why it is important.
c. Future proposed research projects.
d. The research statement should be used to highlight independence of research, novelty of ideas and implications of research.
3) A curriculum Vitae: This may be submitted as either a Word document or a PDF.
4) Two letters of recommendation: These letters should highlight the independence of the applicant’s work and the significant contribution of this research, as well as the potential of this new researcher within their field of interest.

Selection: An ad hoc three member committee will be appointed by the IOA Education Research Program to review applications for this award and select the winner. Focus will be placed on the applicant’s general research experience and specific completed research projects. The research independence of the applicant as well as the novelty and implications of research performed will be assessed.

Award: Refund of the registration fee plus a certificate.

Application date: Deadline for applications is 1st of June, 2020.


IOA Education Grant

One of the aims of the IOA is to spread and support the science of orthoptics worldwide. The IOA Education Grant was established with this in mind. The Grant was first presented at the X International Orthoptic, Congress in Melbourne, Australia (2004).

The IOA Education Grant endeavours to provide financial help to an orthoptist from a non IOA member country, so that he/she may gain professional advancement by attending the next international congress. The candidate must be sponsored by an IOA representative and have received some training from an IOA orthoptist. The candidate is required to present a plan of how he/she intends to share knowledge with other colleagues when returning home. The Council of Management will decide on the awardee at the Council of Management meeting two years prior to the Congress at which the award is to be given. The Recipient may be decided as early as three years prior to the Congress. The National Organisations should be informed. Nominations for the Grant should be sent to Council of Management Representatives or the Officers of the Association.


IOA Student Research Award

The IOA Student Research Award promotes and recognizes students who engage in research. This award is given every four years at the IOA Congress.

Purpose: This award is meant to stimulate student interest in research in orthoptic science and engage in evidence based practice. It is also meant to encourage students by participation in research to pursue a research career in orthoptic science.

Eligibility: Applicants must be registered at the time of application in a recognized orthoptic programme (undergraduate or graduate) located in an IOA member or associate member country. To hold the award the applicant must have completed all the course requirements of at least the first year of orthoptic study (or two academic terms). Additionally, the applicant must have obtained, over the previous years of study, a cumulative average of at least second class (a grade of “B” or “B-,” if applicable) as defined by their orthoptic programme.

Apply: Candidates wishing to be considered will apply online via the registration process.

  1. Submission of an abstract for the IOA Congress
  2. Completed Registration for the IOA Congress
  3. Letter from Orthoptic Training Program Director confirming the applicant enrolment and year of study plus their good standing in that orthoptic program (defined as a cumulative average of at least second class grade of “B” or “B-“ as determined by the program)
  4. Letter of Support from Research Supervisor which outlines a clear description of the student’s role in the research, the novelty of this work and the implications of this work.

Selection: Submissions will be reviewed by the IOA Congress Scientific Program Committee (CSPC) and selection for this award will be made by them. Selection will be based on both the submitted information and the actual presentation of the work by the student at the Congress. If a member of the CSPC is involved in the training of the applicant they will be required to depose themselves from the selection process.

Award: Free registration to the IOA Congress and a certificate that will be awarded at the Congress. Costs of this award will be covered by the IOA.

Application date: Deadline for applications is 20th December 2019