Zoran Georgievski Education Forum

Zoran Georgievski Education Forum

It is with great pleasure that the Committee invites you to participate in the Zoran Georgievski Education Forum of the XIV International Orthoptic Congress on Saturday 20th June 2020. This is the world’s premier forum for ophthalmic educators. We invite all those attending the IOA Congress who are currently participating in education of orthoptic students, residents, medical students or other ophthalmic personnel or who are interested in participating in education to attend.  This year’s Congress theme of ‘alignment’ promotes links between theory and practice education nationally and internationally and also the alignment of clinical teaching practices with the current evidence base or ‘research connected teaching’.

Zoran Georgievski Education Forum
In memory of Associate Professor Zoran Georgievski, the ‘IOA Congress Education Forum’ has been renamed the ‘Zoran Georgievski Education Forum’. Zoran was a past Deputy President of the IOA and represented Australia on the council. In 2004, at the Congress in Melbourne, he also introduced the first Education Forum. Since then, the forum has become a permanent part of the Congress bringing together world leaders in the education of orthoptists and providing the profession with a dedicated opportunity to share ideas in relation to the training of health professionals and to facilitate best practice in this area. Zoran was committed to the education of orthoptists and to the progressive development of the profession at a local and international level and it is with great honour that the IOA dedicates this forum to his memory.

Education Forum I: 09:00-10:30

The theme of part I of the IOA Congress Education Forum 2020 is ‘Connected Teaching’

Orthoptic training started in the clinc, with more countries moving towards more formal and standardised theoretical Orthoptic education, the connection to evidence based research is strengthened but at the same time risks the modalities of theoretical study and practical clinical education becoming more disparate. We feel it pertinent to highlight various methods used across the globe to connect educators and strengthen the connection between research evidence, theoretical study and clinical education.

The invited speakers in part 1 of the forum have been asked to focus on tools/ methods that help connect clinical practice educators and theoretical classroom/ lab based teaching and research evidence.  We also have an update on the exciting European Diploma Project which seeks to align the Orthoptic curricula internationally.

Education Forum II: 11:00-12:30


Authors are invited to submit an abstract about best practice in clinical education. We would like to encourage submissions from clinical educators in particular. The free paper session can be submitted via the website at the on-line abstract submission of the IOA Congress